Personal Training @ OneLife

At OneLife our PTs and doctors have worked together to develop Evidence Based Training (EBT). EBT involves combing through studies often looking at thousands of previous clients to work out the best training programme for you. Our guiding principles in EBT are Safety, Personalised Training and Regular Assessment.


All our Personal Training regimes begin with three safety checks, included as standard in all of our Training Packages.


The Physical Activity Readiness Questionnaire as been professionally designed to determine the safety of exercising based on your medical history, current symptoms, and risk factors. It also allows us to create a more personalised exercise plan based on your individual needs.


Your first PT session will include a Functional Movement Screen to evaluate 7 movement patterns and highlight areas we can focus on to improve stability and mobility. Without addressing this the body uses compensatory mechanisms  limiting gains in performance and reducing the body’s ability to remain adaptable and durable.

Warm Up

After your FMS you will be taught reliable methods to warm up and then gradually you will be introduced to load bearing and more physical activities. All the while, our trainer will observe you for any dysfunction in movement and gauge your general fitness levels to begin planning your personalised training programme.

Personalised Training

After these 3 safety checks, your trainer will personalise your training plan towards your individual needs. They will take into account your fitness capacity, training history, movement functionality and weekly availability to develop a plan that works for you. All of our packages offer the same level of personalisation but vary based on training frequency.

In this modern world we appreciate that people work out in many different ways. We offer virtual training sessions, outdoor based workout routines and we have a fully stocked gym with modern, state-of-the-art equipment including:

Eleiko Rack stations with integrated double-sided cable machines

Atlantis & Cybex strength machines

Prime Fitness accessories

Eleiko Plates & Barbells

Eleiko DBs ranging from 1kg-60kg

Technogym premium equipment

Wide range of conditioning equipment including: Wattbikes, SkiErgs, assault bikes and treadmills

KBs & TRX + functional training stations

15m turfed track

Exercise bands

Strongman equipment

Regular Assessment

The only way to assess your response to your new workout routine is through regular assessment. During your first personal training session you will have a full body composition analysis which records muscle mass, bone mass, body fat percentage, visceral fat and total body water volume. We will also measure your height and weight to calculate your BMI. We then repeat the body composition analysis at 6 weeks to show you the gains you are making. Body composition analysis is included in all of our Training packages. For high-performance athletes, sports professionals and those wanting a higher level of analysis we offer all the latest sport science technology in our Performance Suite to track your performance. The Performance Suite Analysis can be added to any of our Training packages. 

Finally, a complete assessment wouldn’t be complete without a Circle Consultation. Not loosing the weight you’d hoped, our Nutritionist can help with a low calorie, high protein diet. Not able to find time to commit to the workouts our Coach can help you find the work/life balance you need. Struggling to maintain muscle mass as you get older, you may need a testosterone level check with one of our doctors. A repeat Circle Consultation is included in every Training package so we can help you achieve you goals and maintain lasting change.

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