Our Story

OneLife is a completely new concept in the world of self improvement. We believe that in order to improve we must address all aspects of our lives. By working together at OneLife, a nutritionist, personal trainer, life coach and aesthetic surgeon create bespoke schedules to help you achieve your goals. With combined experience of over 50 years, we know how to provide an intimate and personal service which excels in every area. 

Whether you are working towards a big sporting event, slimming down before a wedding, getting back into shape after the arrival of a new baby, or simply wanting to make a lasting positive change, we will work with you to achieve any goal big or small. We believe everyone can benefit from a complete holistic assessment which is why every journey at OneLife starts with a Circle Consultation. This is a complete assessment of your health and well-being looking at where you are now, where you want to be and what will get you there. You will be given a personalised life, fitness, nutrition and aesthetic plan which you can either work on yourself or choose a package with us to achieve those results. 

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