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Life Coaching @ OneLife

Clarify your goals, identify your obstacles, and develop strategies to overcome them. 

Life Coaching is often misunderstood as a profession. There is a common misconception that field of Life Coaching is an unregulated industry which is why we ensure that all of our coaches at OneLife are experienced, qualified and structured in their approach to self improvement.  


At OneLife all of our Life Coaches have extensive experience not just in life coaching but psychology and clinical medicine too. We have experience working within all of the following areas:   

Corporate, Business and Careers​


Education and Learning

Health and Well-being

Trauma and Spirituality


Work/Life Balance

Self Confidence

Motivation and Performance


It is true that anyone that can call themselves a life coach but not everyone can call themselves a Professional Certified Life Coach. Only those attached to a professional body can use this designated title and for good reason. Professional Certified Life Coaches go through a rigorous process to earn their qualification. Intensive training, mentoring, ethical and practical exams, set number of coaching hours logged and a long-standing commitment to continuous professional development are all required to ensure high standards and best practice are maintained within the coaching profession. By being regulated by an independent body, our Life Coaches are required to meet quality markers on ethical practice, trust and intimacy, creating awareness, planning goal setting and managing progress and accountability among others. This ensures that we can deliver a high level of quality coaching and you can actually see an improvement in your mental well-being.  


At OneLife, our Life Coaches are trained to listen not only to what their clients are saying but also how they are saying it. They provide a non-judgemental space to help their clients work out what truly matters to them and connect with that purpose. A Professional Certified Life Coach will work with their clients to establish a set of meaningful and workable goals, tailored to their individual needs. They will also help their clients identify and overcome barriers to achieving their purpose. Life Coaching is not just about making sense of yourself and your surroundings. A Professional Life Coach job is to enable their clients to take active steps towards becoming a better version of themselves regardless of what might be in their way. 

Art OneLife our Professional Certified Life Coaches are trained to make a difference to your life and create transformative, lasting change. Our experienced coaches will show you how to gain a better sense of self, build your confidence, motivation, and overall performance levels. Whether you are looking to lose weight, get fitter or generally improve yourself, we have the team in place to help you embrace the future with clarity, confidence, and purpose.