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Rejuvenation @ OneLife

Rejuvenation is all about restoring your body to form and function. This can be accomplished through the appropriate use of Cosmeceuticals, Non-Surgical Treatments and Restorative Plastic Surgery.


Almost everyone can benefit from a robust skin care regime to help with dry or oily skin, reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and protect from the toxic effects of the environment. During your first Circle Consultation we will discuss your current skin care regime, assess your skin type and provide you with a personalised skin care plan. In contrast to regular skin care products available to consumers, cosmeceuticals have more active ingredients, penetrate the skin deeper and therefore have more significant effects on the skin. As the name implies they occupy a middle ground between cosmetics and pharmaceuticals. As cosmeceuticals are often prescription-only medications, their use is more regulated and therefore they are often supported by more scientific evidence than over-the-counter skin care regimes.  

Non-Surgical Treatments 

Non-surgical treatments offer more advanced ways to help repair significant skin damage. These are more suited to people who want quicker results or have skin that is already significantly damaged by the environment. We offer skin resurfacing treatments such as chemical peels, dermabrasion, micro-needling and PRP. We also offer other non-surgical treatments such as anti-aging, hydration and contouring injections. 

Restorative Surgery

Restorative surgery is a term used at OneLife to describe any operation which helps restore patients to form and function. This service is only offered on enquiry if you have a particular concern that needs to be addressed. It will not be routinely discussed in your Circle Circle consultation unless requested. A wide variety of operations are offered by our Consultant Plastic Surgeon, Mr Matthew Pywell, including abdominal wall restoration, body restoration, breast restoration and face restoration. 

Abdominal Wall Restoration

The abdominal (tummy) wall is made up of four muscles, one of which is the Rectus Abdominus muscle (also know as the “six pack” muscle). During pregnancy, this muscle separates as the tummy enlarges. After birth, these muscles can remain apart and can cause core weakness, persistent tummy bulging and back pain despite intensive exercise regimes. If the separation of the muscle is more than 2cm then evidence suggests that the only way to restore this muscle to its original place is by an operation to bring it together with stitches. An abdominoplasty addresses both the muscle and any excess skin left from the pregnancy. 

Body Restoration

When the body loses a lot of weight, either through a successful diet and exercise regime or through an operation to reduce calorie intake, the skin cannot always shrink back to the same extent. This excess skin forms folds at the arms, thighs, tummy, chest, back and buttocks, which can often be very heavy causing back and shoulder pain. They can also rub, form sores and sometimes even get infected. No matter how well you eat or how much exercise you do the excess skin cannot shrink back and the only way to remove these folds is to take it off. Body contouring surgery can be transformative, removing extra kilos and allowing patients to take the next step with their transformation plan.

Breast Restoration

Breasts undergo a huge number of changes throughout life. They grow during puberty, fluctuate greatly with hormonal changes, begin lactating after childbirth and ultimately loose volume as you age. Sometimes these changes can go unregulated, for example they can become overly enlarged during puberty leading to large, heavy breasts causing back and neck pain and interfering with exercise. In these cases, breast reduction alleviates these symptoms and allows women to get back to their workout routines. Even when these changes go completely according to plan they can significantly take their toll on the breasts and can lead to stretching and droopiness that, despite a good fitting bra, can result in sores and infections. A breast lift restores the breasts to a better position. 

Face Restoration

As we age, we are bombarded with environmental factors that cause damage to our skin. Sunlight, stress, cigarette smoke and caffeine all cause significant ageing effects on the skin and there is nowhere this is more evident than on the face. A good skin care regime can significantly protect the skin on the face against this damage and early changes can be treated with skin resurfacing treatments. However, when the damage is more extensive then operations such as a face lift or blepharoplasty may be required to restore the skin and underlying soft tissues to a better position.

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